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Band 23 (2014) Heft 1, "Art and Gesture"


The concept of “gesture” has been analyzed since antiquity, its meaning becoming ever richer. Thus it has been used both literally and metaphorically: both to refer to a bodily position that communicates an idea or an emotion and to signify expressive objects that can gesture without human agency.

Recently, the concept of gesture has become the focus of much new scholarly attention and is the subject of many disciplines, such as anthropology and sociology, linguistics and cognitive studies, and, of course, art and aesthetics. This comes as no surprise. Being a main mode of non-verbal communication, used by simple, but also very complex languages, gesture is a fascinating and fruitful topic of research, which sheds light on human nature and culture. It opens a window on the difference between mere bodily movements and meaningful ones; between mere objects and symbolic ones; between mere sounds, stains or colors of buildings and evocative ones.

This volume, Art and Gesture, is a multidisciplinary approach to the concept of gesture and its manifestations in various branches of art. It supplies a comprehensive analysis of the representational-mimetic nature of gestures, as well as their social contexts. It then goes on to analyze the artwork as gesture and to scrutinize the phenomenon of gesture in music, film, photography, painting, theatre, and architecture. It thus contributes to our understanding of the nature of communication and expressivity both in art and in general.

Herausgegeben von Eli Friedlander, Michalle Gal,
Christoph Wulf, Moshe Zuckermann

AUTOREN: Beiträge

Almut-Barbara Renger/Christoph Wulf: Meditation als Lebens- und Erfahrungsform
I. Art as Gesture
Michalle Gal: The Artwork as Gesture
Assaf Pinkus: Imagining the Magdeburg Rider
Eli Friedlander: The Photographic Gesture
Hagi Kenaan: A Picture's Gesture: Regarding Jeff Wall's "Gesture"
Michael Levin: Santiago Calatrava: Form, Function, and Structure Follow Gesture
II. Theater, Architecture, and Music as Gesture
Freddie Rokem: Materializations of the Supernatural. Deus ex machina and plumpes Denken in Brecht and Benjamin
David Macarthur: Reflections on "Architecture is a Gesture" (Wittgenstein)
Moshe Zuckermann: Musikalische Gestik. Anmerkungen zum Musik-Konzept Richard Wagners
III. The Body as Gesture and Performance
Christoph Wulf: Gestures and Rituals. The Mimetic Creation of the Social
Daniel Blanga-Gubbay: Life on the Threshold of the Body
Bernd Hüppauf: Camouflage and Mimesis. The frog between the devil’s deceptions, evolutionary biology, and the ecological animal
Hanne Seitz: An Anthropological Perspective on Technical, Phonetic, and Figurative Gestures On the Gradual Production of Speech while Walking

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